Daily Media Digest December 6, 2019

Genome testing for siblings of individuals with autism may detect diagnosis before symptoms appear
“These findings add to a growing body of evidence that biomarkers might be helpful in identifying pre-symptomatic infants who are likely to develop ASD or other developmental challenges,” says Dr. Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Professor of Pediatrics, […]”
TAGS: genome testing, autism spectrum disorder, developmental health

Treating heart abnormalities at the MUHC with radiation therapy

CTV News
“[…] rarely collaborate, but the two medical specialties have come together at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), to mend broken hearts.”
TAGS: radiation therapy, cardiac health, innovative treatments

‘It is not harmless:’ Dentists voice concern over vaping

“”We know [e-cigarettes are] killing or causing significant damage to the cells that cover gum tissue, which often leads to the death of the gum tissue and significant exposure of root surfaces,” Glogauer said. This, he adds, is because of the chemicals that are present in vaping.”
TAGS: vaping, dental health, lung health

Concordia grad student researches secondary lymphedema among breast cancer patients

Concordia University News
“Jesse Whyte (BSc 08) was already established as a certified athletic therapist when he decided to return to Concordia in 2016 to pursue research as a […]”
TAGS: cancer, lymphedema, side effects

‘Many die each year waiting’: Shortage of organs for transplant continues

CTV News
“More than 200 people in Canada died waiting for an organ […] According to Alberta Health Services, there were 464 Albertans on the […]”
TAGS: organ transplant, surgery, organ donors

Stem Cell Network announces new appointments to its Board of Directors and Research Management Committee
HRI Portal
“The Stem Cell Network (SCN) is pleased to announce the appointments of Gail Garland and Sharon Louis to its Board of Directors, effective November 5, 2019. SCN’s Board is comprised of 12 Canadian leaders, representing research, industry, healthcare and the not-for-profit sectors.”
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