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Clearing the Path to Drug Discovery

The global biotechnology market is a fast-paced, ever-growing and evolving space encompassing topics ranging from drug discovery to bioproduction. To stay on the cutting-edge, the Canadian government has invested multiple billions of dollars towards projects […]


Daily Media Digest December 4, 2023

Viral success: McMaster researchers discover new way to protect against infections like COVID-19 Brighter World – McMaster University “An exciting therapeutic discovery involving synthetic aptamers being worked on by McMaster researchers is showing promise in […]


Daily Media Digest December 1, 2023

Researchers help unravel brain processes involved in vision News@York “A long-standing theory suggests the brain learns a predictive model of the world and its internal predictions are updated when incoming sensory data proves them wrong.” […]


Daily Media Digest November 29, 2023

New method can detect early-stage breast cancer in two minutes University of Waterloo “University of Waterloo researchers are pioneering a method to detect breast cancer in women early enough for them to receive life-saving treatment […]


Daily Media Digest November 28, 2023

Stem cell-based treatment controls blood sugar in people with type 1 diabetes, demonstrates SCN-funded clinical trial Stem Cell Network “… reduce dependence on daily insulin injections, according to new clinical trial results from the University […]