Daily Media Digest April 17, 2018

My North Bay Now
“Canadore College has a chance to study how Indigenous culture affects the health of First Nation students. Patty Chabert, who is the school’s Indigenous and Business Relations Manager, says doing this helps create more meaningful connections with the students. To this end, Chabert says the college …”
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“Alberta Health Services (AHS) says nine cases of gastro-intestinal illness — seven in Edmonton and two in Calgary — are potentially connected to people eating raw oysters from British Columbia. AHS said Monday it was investigating the possible connection and was warning Albertans to ensure …”
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““Because of the widespread availability of smartphones, they are being used increasingly as point-of-care diagnostics in clinical settings with minimal or no cost,” said Benjamin Hibbert, MD, of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. “For example, built-in cameras with dedicated software or photodiode …”
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“Bladder cancer patients, their families and friends, and health care professionals are invited to attend a free informational session. The free session is being held by Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Bladder Cancer Canada. The event will help attendees “understand more about bladder cancer, current …”
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“Krzysztof Skonieczny can now laugh while reliving last month’s rollercoaster-like ride aboard a Falcon 20 jet, even if it wasn’t always pretty. “They call these types of aircraft ‘vomit comets’ and for good reason,” said Skonieczny, an associate professor at Concordia University’s Faculty of Engineering and … “
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Toronto Star
“It’s a place where people are, literally, fighting for life. That’s why the Toronto hospital Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre tapped two internationally renowned war photographers to shoot its latest branding campaign called “Where Impossible Becomes I’m Possible.” Shot in real time, it aims to capture … “
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Toronto Star
“In another project with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, we’re also working to create a larger bank of virtual hospital experiences that could include things such as walking into the operating room, learning what it feels like to have an epidural or nerve block, or go into radiology. We’ve got nearly 30 … “
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Ottawa Citizen
“But if, thankfully, good policing worked this time, the ongoing despair and humiliation of marginalized Indigenous Peoples continues every day, everywhere. There’s an … A one-time handicrafts program at Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health closed enrolment the first day because demand was so high.”
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“The University of Alberta is also one of the top five research universities in Canada with over $500 million in annual external research funding. … with the presence of companies like Ubisoft, while its strength in life sciences industries lies in its education infrastructure at Université Laval and INRS. “
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National Post
“After a few weeks, the patient is switched to the other version and continues to keep a diary to monitor their health. After the study, Dr. Low reviews the diary and tells the patient which treatment was the actual product and which was the placebo. Sometimes the alternative product provided a tangible …”
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“Akbari, who is also the director of the Research Molecular Genetic Laboratory at Women’s College Research Institute (WCRI), has developed the database in collaboration with Dr. Hossein Najmabadi, director of the genetics research centre at the University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Services ..”
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Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
“Scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada have developed a technology that can dramatically improve the specificity of CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. The approach uses synthetic guide molecules known as bridged nucleic acids (BNAs) in place of the system’s native guide RNAs (gRNAs) to direct …”
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Canada NewsWire (press release)
“CADTH is an independent, not-for-profit organization responsible for providing Canada’s health care decision-makers with objective evidence to help make informed decisions about the optimal use of drugs and medical devices in our health care system. CADTH receives funding from Canada’s federal, …”
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