Daily Media Digest April 17, 2020

Tips for Your #mentalhealth in the COVID-19 Crisis
Mood Disorders Society of Canada
“Value yourself and your loved ones: practice self-care: wash your hands frequently, engage your children or grandchildren to do the same by singing a song for 20 seconds while they wash their hands, maintain proper daily hygiene”
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How some of the sickest COVID-19 patients are being saved by an out-of-body lung experience
National Post
““They would have died otherwise,” says Dr. Eddy Fan, head of the ECMO program at University Health Network (UHN), which includes Toronto …”
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Western University researcher designs mobile medical module to screen COVID-19 patients
The London Free Press
“A Western University researcher has come up with a way to help health care workers better screen patients during emergencies such as the …”
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Caring for your Mental Health during COVID-19
Mood Disorders Society of Canada
“Together we will get through this challenge, during this tie it is important to reach out and obtain the support you need. Likewise we need to be aware of others and loo for ways to also support them through their days as well.”
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Isolation stress can test those with addictions
“Across Canada, people who face addiction and mental-health issues are coming to terms with a new reality – an uncertain future with a period of physical distancing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19.”
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University of Alberta works with AHS to make 3D-printed face shields
Global News
“Faculty and staff at the University of Alberta have started making 3D-printed face shields in hopes of helping facilities keep up stocks of personal protective equipment (PPE) through the COVID-19 pandemic.”
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On the front lines of the coronavirus-vaccine battle
“Canadian virologist Alyson Kelvin raced across the country to begin a collaboration to develop vaccines against COVID-19.”
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