Daily Media Digest April 20, 2020

McMaster researchers use additional funding to study how COVID-19 impacts people differently

“… said Dr. Dawn Bawdish, McMaster professor of pathology and molecular medicine and the Canada Research Chair in Aging and Immunity.”
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University of Calgary researchers study impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on pregnant women

“Researchers at the University of Calgary are studying expectant mothers from across Canada and examining the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on …”
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What will Canada’s Pandexit strategy look like? How officials are deciding when to lift coronavirus …
The Globe and Mail
“… easy compared to what we have to do now,” says Beate Sander, a specialist in health economics with the University Health Network in Toronto.”
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Sask. researchers team up with local companies to make hand sanitizer
“Researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have teamed up with local businesses to address the shortage of hand sanitizer due to COVID-19 in …”
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Scientific evidence and medical advice should rule COVID-19 decisions
York University
“Most Canadians believe scientific evidence (82%) and advice from medical doctors (78%) should be the key influences affecting government decisions for COVID-19, with only 48 per cent putting economic considerations among the top three, research led by York University has found.”
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U of G researchers help develop online COVID-19 tracker
“The U of G team is supervised by population medicine professor Amy Greer, who holds the Canada Research Chair in Population Disease Modelling.”
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