Daily Media Digest April 22, 2020

COVID-19: The End of the Beginning of Health Digitalization
“While it is admittedly early to contemplate the far-reaching implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for Canada’s health system, one thing is already unequivocally clear: we have at our disposal only a single resource capable of moving with the alacrity and agility of a lethal virus.”
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Laboratory workers are essential workers — and not just during a pandemic
National Observer
““We’re there before you’re born, up to your last breath. Techs are involved in anything from prenatal screening, diabetes, to cancer. We don’t just collect your blood,” said Christine Nielsen, CEO of CSMLS, whose membership included 13,706 technologists, cytologists and lab assistants across Canada.”
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Researchers study mental health of front-line workers responding to COVID-19 pandemic
“A pair of Ontario psychiatric researchers have received a much needed financial boost from Canada’s medical research agency to study first …”
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CNF Covid-19 Fund for Nurses
“This pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to all of us. Nurses and health care providers across the country are at the front lines keeping our families, friends and communities safe. Their tireless efforts in this ever-changing battle against Covid-19 is crucial.”
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In a COVID-19 world:  Are we headed for a ‘perfectionism pandemic’?
York University
“The increasing physical and social isolation prescribed to stop the spread of COVID-19, and the disruption to daily routines, are exacerbating already high levels of stress and complex psychological problems found among vulnerable perfectionists, according to a new commentary and analysis led by York University Psychology Professor Gordon Flett.”
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Western University researcher designs mobile medical module to screen COVID-19 patients
The London Free Press
“A Western University researcher has come up with a way to help health care workers better screen patients during emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic.”
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UM alumnus on front lines of COVID-19 research in China
“A UM alumnus who was instrumental in helping find a vaccine for Ebola several years ago is now working with an international team to better understand COVID-19, and what they are finding is disturbing.”
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