Daily Media Digest April 23, 2019

“The study itself was done in collaboration with Senior Scientist Gordon Keller’s group at University Health Network, and was made possible thanks to …”
TAGS: stem cells, biomaterials, research


CTV News
“In January, researchers with Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University combined brain imaging and machine learning to diagnose …”
TAGS: PTSD, veterans, artificial intelligence


YouAreUNLTD (blog)
“In this Q&A with CAMH’s leading experts in late-life mental health, we explore the mental health concerns that affect older Canadians and how CAMH researchers are addressing these issues.”
TAGS: mental health, aging, dementia


The London Free Press
“London researchers are eyeing a gene mutation that may allow some heavy smokers with head-and-neck cancer to take less-intensive treatments, …”
TAGS: smoking, cancer, genetic mutation


“According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety … the head of neurology at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.”
TAGS: health, work, night shifts


The Globe and Mail
“Ari Zaretsky is chief of the department of psychiatry and vice-president of education at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Recent discussion about …”
TAGS: psychotherapy, mental health, treatment


“When it comes to health care, using AI or machine learning to make diagnoses is new, and there has been exciting and promising progress.”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, machine learning, healthcare, diagnosis


“In the shadow of the alarm over the opioid crisis, an important message seems to have been lost: many people live with daily pain and depend on opioid-based medications to live bearable lives.”
TAGS: opioid crisis, chronic pain, pain management


“Around one in five Ontario children have a mental health disorder — about the same percentage as in 1983 — but more people now see a need for …”
TAGS: mental health, children, Ontario


“Diabetes is a disease where your body either can’t produce insulin or can’t properly use the insulin it produces, Diabetes Canada says. Insulin is a …”
TAGS: diabetes, chronic illness


CTV News
“It’s a concerning health issue that Lawson Health Research Institute scientist Marat Slessarev fears has being going undetected. “Patients who stay in …”
TAGS: patients, ICU, cognitive function


Dal News
“SKIP will have four main hubs: the IWK Health Centre, SickKids (Toronto), Stollery (Edmonton), and Children’s Health Care Canada (Ottawa).”
TAGS: children, pain management, knowledge mobilization


National Post
“As a cardiologist and head of medicine at Queen’s University, I offer several suggestions to reduce trainee stress, debt and burnout. I believe these …”
TAGS: medical students, training, stress, burnout