Daily Media Digest April 25, 2022

Canada must urgently invest in research into the health impacts of climate change | The Star
Toronto Star
“To fight climate change, Canada needs to increasing funding research, particularly to early-career researchers in health and biomedical sciences.”
TAGS: health impacts of climate change, public health, lung disease, Banting Research Foundation

Catching up on the next pandemic: how the government can address the mental health epidemic in Canada
The Hill Times
“Two years of lockdowns, isolation, uncertainty, and stress in the face of COVID-19 means that more Canadians are struggling with their mental health.”
TAGS: pandemic, mental health, public health, Mood Disorders Society of Canada

How “accidental” discoveries can lead to new insights in ALS biology
ALS Canada
“More than 10 years ago, Dr. Vande Velde’s lab stumbled onto something interesting: a unique protein isoform called hnRNP A1B (or A1B for short) that was found primarily in motor neurons in the central nervous system.”
TAGS: ALS, innovative research, nervous system, ALS Canada

Upcoming census release to show how country is aging, detail gender for first time
Lethbridge News Now
“… said El Chenier, a history professor at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia who focuses on the historical treatment of homosexuality.”
TAGS: aging population, census, public health, McMaster University, Simon Fraser University

Pandemic heightens urgency for Canada health transfers reform
“What we do know is that the current political conversation is not working, and as we work to come out of the pandemic, our federal, provincial, and territorial partners need to work together to repair our health system with the same united approach they embraced to fight COVID-19.”
TAGS: pandemic, health system, COVID-19, HealthCareCAN

Post-pandemic health and science: preparing for the next one now
The Hill Times
“Let’s not miss this opportunity to plan ahead. Our lives and those of Canadians that follow us will depend on our communal foresight and wisdom.”
TAGS: pandemic, COVID-19, public health

Unvaccinated people increase risk of COVID-19 infection among vaccinated: new study – National
Global News
““Now our health care system is struggling,” she said. Ontario, Canada’s most populous province, estimates the surgery waitlist has grown to between …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, infection, vaccination