Daily Media Digest April 3, 2018

EurekAlert (press release)
“”Because of the widespread availability of smartphones, they are being used increasingly as point-of-care diagnostics in clinical settings with minimal or no cost,” says Dr. Benjamin Hibbert of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa, Ontario. “For example, built-in cameras with dedicated software …”
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YFile – York University
“Ten emerging and established researchers across the University will join the York Research Chairs (YRC) program, York University’s internal counterpart to the national Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program, which recognizes outstanding researchers. The newly appointed YRCs belong to the fifth … “
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Canada NewsWire (press release)
“TORONTO, April 3, 2018 /CNW/ – A recent study from the Alzheimer Society reveals that 1 in 5 Canadians have experience caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, while 87 per cent of caregivers wish that more people understood the realities of caring for someone with … “
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Dal News
“Campus efforts this year raised enough to send malaria-prevention nets to about 50 families in Liberia and Rwanda through Plan Canada. The Dalhousie episode of the Rick Mercer Report is scheduled to air Tuesday, April 3 on CBC — Mercer’s second-to-last episode before he signs off from the Report …”
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“Pruitt studies societal collapse and recovery, and he’s excited to be coming to Hamilton to do it. “The story of Hamilton is the story of collapse and recovery,” said Pruitt, who was named last week as a Canada 150 Research Chair at McMaster University in the ominously named area of Biological …”
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IT World Canada
“The zero-gravity flight aboard the National Research Council Canada’s (NRC) Falcon 20 aircraft would determine if months of work in the lab were a success. While Stephens and the team he manages in HP’s specialty printing systems group had accounted for all the requirements of building a printer … “
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MetroNews Canada
“FILE – In this Thursday, Feb. 15, 2018 file photo, a woman holds the prescribed medical marijuana product used to treat her daughter’s epilepsy after making a purchase at a medical marijuana dispensary in Butler, Pa. Two new studies released on Monday, April 2, 2018 suggest that legalization of … “
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The Globe and Mail
“The Canadian Council for Health Equity is one such innovation. But it would not work alone. The report recommends a Canadian Drug Agency and Connected Data Canada, which would play key roles in evaluating drugs, devices and other health technologies, as well as making better use of data to …”
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Truro Daily News
“Minister of Science Kirsty Duncan, right, speaks with Katherine O’Brien, left, Canada 150 Research Chair in Vaccinology and Global Health, and Shireen Hassim, centre, Canada 150 Research Chair in Gender and African Politics, at the announcement of the Canada 150 Research Chairs in Gatineau …”
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“New research at the University of Calgary is looking at living with a dog helps treat patients with chronic pain. The study is … The team of 15 researchers and patients at the University of Calgary, University of Alberta and University of Lethbridge plan to expand the study outside of the province this year”
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HuffPost Canada
“… are taken into care, often out of their communities and into non-Indigenous homes. The tribunal ordered Canada to stop discriminating immediately, reform First Nations child-welfare programs and make sure Indigenous kids have their health, education and social needs met no matter where they live.”
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“… the production of bone marrow and blood cells within the marrow. This research has applications not only for astronauts, but also for people on Earth who have bone conditions. The principal investigator is Guy Trudel of the University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute in Canada.”
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