Daily Media Digest April 7, 2022

2022 Canada Gairdner Awards Recognize World-Renowned Scientists For Transformative Contributions To Research Impacting Human Health
““Canadian scientists remain an example to follow as they continue to lead in global health research and discoveries that help create a more resilient society, country, and world. Congratulations to this year’s Canada Gairdner Award recipients, your work demonstrates the power of science to improve lives and solve major challenges facing humanity.”– The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Health”
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Molecules with anti-inflammatory, restorative properties could be key to tackling neurodegenerative disease
“GlycoNet researchers at the University of Alberta are studying a group of molecules that could provide insight into treating and monitoring neurodegenerative diseases.”
TAGS: neurodegenerative disease, treatment options, inflammation, GlycoNet

Benefits of fluvoxamine confirmed in new study | McGill University Health Centre
McGill University Health Centre
“… further confirmed by the results of a systematic review conducted at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC).”
TAGS: fluvoxamine, COVID-19, pandemic, RI-MUHC

Eyeing New Therapies – Researchers optimize and validate a new method to study drug distribution in the eye.
“Intravitreal injection is a technique used clinically to deliver medication to an area at the back of the eye that is filled with a jelly-like fluid called vitreous humour.”
TAGS: drug distribution, optical care, intravitreal injection, UHN

How do I get the COVID-19 medication Paxlovid? | CBC News
“… are taking other medications,” said Dr. Emily McDonald, an internal medicine and epidemiology specialist at McGill University Health Centre.”
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Local mother-daughter duo lobbying government for Rare Disease Strategy – Bradford Today
Bradford Today
“The Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders (CORD) is calling on all Canadians to come together and ask the government to help save lives by …”
TAGS: rare diseases, advocacy, cystic fibrosis, orphan drugs, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders

The Power of Knowing: Diagnostics for People Living with Diabetes
Health Insight
“Early diabetes diagnosis, sometimes even before an illness starts, can play a critical role in helping prevent disease, hospitalization, and death.”
TAGS: diagnostics, diabetes, chronic health, McGill University Health Centre

Canada’s Stem Cell Network launches a new strategic plan and refreshed branding as it starts a new chapter as Canada’s regenerative medicine research leader
HRI Portal
“Canada’s Stem Cell Network (SCN) announced today the launch of IGNITE 2022-2025, its three-year strategic plan funded by the Government of Canada through a $45 million Budget 2021 commitment, starting April 1st, 2022. Additionally, SCN is releasing a refreshed brand identity and updated vision to guide its work for the coming years.”
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