Daily Media Digest August 13, 2020

Toronto Chinese community’s efforts to contain coronavirus overshadowed by stigma: research
CTV News
“The early efforts by the Chinese community in Toronto to quell the spread of coronavirus at the beginning of the year were largely overshadowed by stigma and Sinophobia at the time, according to new research.”
TAGS: COVID-19, stigma, York University

Can’t decide whether to send your kids back to school? Here’s what the experts say
CBC News
“”In epidemiology and public health, you often talk about the three C’s: closed spaces, crowded places and contact. And you know, I just described every public school in Canada,” said Dr. Doug Manuel …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, education, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa

Coronavirus: Ontario researchers study ‘doors; in human cells affected by COVID-19
Global News
“Two Ontario researchers say they are challenging an “accepted truth” about the novel coronavirus believing that the “door” used to enter and infect a cell may not be the entry point widely accepted by many in the medical community.”
TAGS: COVID-19, infection, McMaster University, University of Waterloo

Researchers respond to gender-based violence, ‘the pandemic within a pandemic’
University Affairs
“Ask anyone who works in the field of gender-based violence (GBV) and you’ll hear these oft-cited and horrifying statistics: a woman is killed by her intimate partner every six days in Canada … And now, with the addition of COVID-19, we have what many in the GBV sector are calling “a pandemic within a pandemic” – one that researchers are now scrambling to address.”
TAGS: gender-based violence, COVID-19, Western University, York University, University of Calgary

Plant-derived chemical compounds may offer different avenues for treating substance use disorders
“For more than two decades, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute scientist Dr. Anthony Phillips’s research on the brain’s dopamine system has dovetailed with his extensive work investigating plant-derived chemical compounds called tetrahydroprotoberberines (THPBs).”
TAGS: substance use, addiction, treatment, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Rocket Science Health and Inez Jabalpurwala Team Up to Launch VINEx, a Multi-Disciplinary Exploration of the Virus-Brain Connection
Canada Newswire
“Rocket Science Health and Inez Jabalpurwala have teamed up to launch VINEx – a multi-disciplinary exploration of how viruses directly and indirectly affect the central nervous system (CNS), and the potential impact on brain health in the immediate and longer term.”
TAGS: brain health, virology, Queen’s University, Western University