Daily Media Digest August 18, 2022

Should parents delay kids’ second COVID vaccine? Here’s what the research says
“Canada and the United States have approved mRNA vaccines for children as young as six … But the vaccines, made by Pfizer–BioNTech and Moderna, …”
TAGS: mRNA-vaccine, pediatric health, Pfizer

Snyder Institute researchers discover new approach to healing skin infections and wounds

UCalgary News
“Findings offer new insight into why patients with diabetes and obesity may have difficulty healing …”
TAGS: metabolic hormones, tissue repair, University of Calgary

Single-patient gene therapy clinical trial at SickKids carves a path for Precision Child Health

SickKids News
“A SickKids team of doctors and researchers conducted a gene therapy clinical trial for a child with SPG50, one of the first examples of individualized genetic medicine.”
TAGS: gene therapy, clinical trial, SickKids

Research chair in vascular and metabolic inflammation awarded to Heart Institute scientist

University of Ottawa Heart Institute
“In addition to concurrent sources of external funding, the chair will receive $125,000 over five years.”
TAGS: heart health, Research Chair, University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Mood Disorders Society of Canada announces their 2022 National Awards Program

“Nominations for awards will open Monday, August 15, 2022 and submissions will be accepted up to Monday, October 3, 2022.”
TAGS: mental health, anti-stigma activities, Mood Disorders Society of Canada