Daily Media Digest August 7, 2019

McGill Reporter (blog)
“Lung function normally declines as we age, but a new study carried out by researchers from Canada, Switzerland and the UK, suggests that air pollution may contribute to this process and adds to the evidence that breathing in polluted air harms the lungs […]”
TAGS: pollutants, lung health, aging research


CTV News
“What’s your rescue plan? That’s the question Diabetes Canada is asking diabetics when it comes to hypoglycaemia.”
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Angus Reid Institute (press release) (blog)
“The study focuses on the health care experiences of older Canadians, as well … data, research and policy analysis on economics, political science, philanthropy […]”
TAGS: aging, Healthcare access, Healthcare quality,


“The research supports these claims: a 2016 study found that Canadian women were more likely than men to seek help from their primary healthcare […]”
TAGS: Parental health, mental health, child care


“The new health centre will replace the aging medical clinic next to the … said Janet Knox, president and CEO of the Nova Scotia Health Authority.”
TAGS: healthcare centre, community health, Healthcare access