Daily Media Digest August 7, 2020

Research shows connection between low income, iron deficiency
The Kingston Whig Standard
“A local researcher has helped reveal that children from low-income families may have a three times higher chance of having iron deficiency and four times higher odds of having iron-deficiency anemia.”
TAGS: socioeconomic status, nutrition, pediatric health, Queen’s University

Scientists work to fast track COVID-19 vaccine
“The Director and CEO of VIDO-InterVac says everything possible is being done to fast track the development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers with VIDO-InterVac, the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization have developed a subunit vaccine for COVID-19 that’s been shown effective in ferrets.”
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Coronavirus: Concerns over global drug shortage prompts London, Ont., sedatives study
Global News
“As the possibility of a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall raises increased concern over the potential for global drug shortages, a team out of Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ont., is launching “the largest trial of its kind” looking into whether IV sedatives can be replaced with inhaled sedatives.”
TAGS: COVID-19, treatment, Lawson Health Research Institute, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

First-Person Science and Roger Hudson win a 2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award
CAN News
“The Canadian Association for Neuroscience is proud to announce that the First-Person Science Initiative and its founder, Roger Hudson, have won a 2020 CAN Outreach and Advocacy Award. This award recognizes the important efforts of First-Person Science to present information about neuroscience discoveries in a way that is accessible to the public through interactive live stream conversations with researchers.”
TAGS: neuroscience, advocacy, science communication, Canadian Association for Neuroscience

Dalhousie University’s Dr. Joanne Langley named Co-Lead of COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force
Dal News
“The Government of Canada is aggressively pursuing the purchase and development of COVID-19 vaccines, treatments, and related supplies to protect Canadians, and working to strengthen Canada’s biomanufacturing sector. This includes engaging with international and domestic scientists, and with businesses and manufacturers stepping up to fight COVID-19.”
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7 tips to healthier eating challenging times
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Eating healthy in uncertain times can be challenging – especially when there are barriers like tight finances, limitations in grocery shopping, limited food supply, boredom, fluctuations in mood and appetite, and changes in physical health. Yet it’s important that we do not forget about our food intake. Why and how we eat can be as important as what and how much we eat.”
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