Daily Media Digest December 13, 2019

Half a million babies screened
“The BC Early Hearing Program celebrated a true milestone last month – 500,000 babies across the province have been screened for hearing loss. Two B.C. families tell us what screening has meant to them.”
TAGS: hearing loss, developmental testing, child and youth health

How junk food shapes the developing teenage brain
The Conversation
“Obesity is increasing worldwide, especially among children and teenagers. More than 150 million children in the world are obese in 2019. These children have increased risk of heart disease, cancers and Type 2 diabetes.”
TAGS: diabetes, child and youth health, healthy eating

Indigenous and Hamilton researchers work together on health study
Brighter World
“Indigenous researchers are working together with their non-Indigenous academic partners to analyze a major health study at a Hamilton-based research institute.”
TAGS: Indigenous health, chronic illness, community health

Faculty and staff confront mental health stigmas with vulnerability and compassion
University of Calgary
“Seeking help and supporting one another is critical to creating a community of caring. If someone is aware of why there is an unexpected change in their colleague’s behaviour, those able to reach out are empowered to do so.”
TAGS: mental health, wellness, community health

Traditional Mi’kmaq medicine could become modern skin therapy

“Researchers at Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton University have received a $850,000 grant to develop a traditional Mi’kmaq medicine for potential future […]”
TAGS: innovative treatments, skin therapy, eczema, psoriasis

High-intensity exercise improves memory and wards off dementia
The Conversation
“For the first time in human history, older people outnumber younger people. This has created unique health challenges. Dementia may be one of the scariest — a debilitating condition that erases memories; a condition without a cure.”
TAGS: memory, cognition, physical fitness

Fragmented sleep may affect brain’s immune cells, impair cognition: U of T study

“Fragmented sleep in older people with and without Alzheimer’s disease may have an effect on the brain’s immune cells and impact people’s cognitive […]”
TAGS: sleep, immune cells, cognitive performance