Daily Media Digest December 21, 2021

Novel approach to COVID-19 vaccine shows early promise – Western News
Western News – Western University
“A Western University team’s novel approach to developing a COVID-19 vaccine shows promise in inducing a robust immune response, early data shows.”
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Vaccine Readiness Revisited: What Went Well
Neighbourhood Pharmacies
“Neighbourhood Pharmacies is pleased to share its latest publication, Vaccine Readiness Revisited: What Worked Well. This end-of-year roll-up looks back at a series of recommendations put forth to governments in December 2020, to enable community pharmacies to administer COVID-19 vaccines. Now, one year later, we evaluate how those recommendations were implemented across the country; what worked, what we’ve learned, and where we go from here.”
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Provinces working to meet demand for COVID-19 testing as cases surge – The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
“… is more demand than we can accommodate,” Gillian Howard, a spokeswoman for the University Health Network, or UHN, said in an e-mail on Sunday.”
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Wearable biosensors can help people with complex health conditions – University of Waterloo
University of Waterloo
“Remote monitoring of health-related behaviour with wearable sensor technology is … health conditions, shows a recent University of Waterloo study.”
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Why do people use cannabis during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
McMaster University
“People who use cannabis during pregnancy and lactation do so to manage pregnancy-related symptoms and pre-existing conditions, including nausea and vomiting, mental health and insomnia, says a study led by McMaster University researchers.”
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