Daily Media Digest December 9, 2019

McMaster helps solve world shortage of cancer-treatment isotopes
Brighter World – McMaster University
“The unexpected shutdown of a nuclear reactor halfway around the world has left McMaster University as the world’s only supplier of the isotope that irradiates the “seeds” used to treat prostate and other forms of cancer.”
TAGS: cancer treatments, nuclear medicine, isotopes

Organ donor rates well above provincial average at Health Sciences North

CTV News
“Despite a new study showing a drop in the number of organs being donated in Canada, Health Sciences North is showing impressive […]”
TAGS: organ donation, organ conversion rate

Shortened treatment promising for early-stage breast cancer
Hamilton Health Sciences
“A shorter course of higher-dose radiation treatment to part of the breast is showing promise in women with early-stage breast cancer who undergo breast-conserving surgery, says a study led by Hamilton researchers.”
TAGS: breast cancer, radiation treatment, innovative treatments

Mild, moderate or severe hypoglycemia – what’s the difference?
Diabetes Canada
“There are a number of signs of hypoglycemia, and its seriousness can range from mild to moderate to severe.”
TAGS: hypoglycemia, diabetes, diabetes management 

Virtual patients help boost safety and quality care in medicine
Vancouver Sun
“The interactive software technology developed in Vancouver is designed to let medical students make mistakes on computer-generated “patients” and is intended to fill gaps in medical learning by offering virtual patients that mimic medical scenarios, just as flight simulators teach pilots.”
TAGS: virtual learning, medical training, simulated learning 

Brain injury from domestic abuse a ‘public health crisis,’ says BC researcher

National Post
“Brain injury from domestic abuse a ‘public health crisis,’ says B.C. researcher … of what van Donkelaar calls “an unrecognized public-health crisis in Canada.” […] Based on research from the U.S., including a study by the Centers for […]”
TAGS: traumatic brain injury, concussion, public health

Family, friends of those at risk of opioid overdose can now get free naloxone kits in Manitoba
CTV News
“The province has implemented a new policy that allows registered Take Home Naloxone Distribution Sites to provide naloxone kits to […]”
TAGS: opioid crisis, Naloxone, community health