Daily Media Digest February 10, 2020

Bridging the gap between AI and the clinic

McGill Newsroom
“In this study, researchers from The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute-Hospital) and the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the McGill University …”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, meningioma, prognosis

Understanding the psychology of everyday life

“Clinical psychology students from Western University are hosting a series of free lectures this month. CBC News · Posted: Feb 07, 2020 5:12 PM ET …”
TAGS: psychology, mental health, daily stress

Halifax researcher studies how cannabis affects brain function in young adults

“Dr. Philip Tibbo, a professor of psychiatry, is conducting the study with researchers at Western University in London, Ont. It involves 180 people in both …”
TAGS: cannabis, brain health, mental health

Remembering Dr. Frank Plummer
HRI Portal
“Research Canada and the global health research community are mourning the loss of Dr. Frank Plummer, who died Tuesday, February 4th at the age of 67 in Nairobi, Kenya.”
TAGS: innovative research, HIV research

Neuroscience research adds key insights on communication between neurons
HRI Portal
“Understanding communication between nerve cells in the brain is one of the primary aims of neuroscience. Cutting-edge research led by a PhD student at York University, and championed by the Canada Research Chair in Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience, could one day help us to better understand Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s diseases.”
TAGS: neuroscience, innovative research, neuron

What ‘swiping right’ could be doing to you
University of Saskatchewan
“For Sparks, exploring the motivations behind using dating apps and understanding how the user experience can shape perceptions of dating apps can lead to significant discoveries about how they can impact mental health.”
TAGS: mental health, motivation, social

Could bright lights help with bipolar disorder? B.C. research explores possible treatment
CTV News
“Research from a Vancouver university suggests light therapy could help those dealing with depressive symptoms of the condition.”
TAGS: mental health, bipolar disorder, light therapy