Daily Media Digest February 13, 2020

McMaster researchers find new antibiotics that kill superbugs ‘caught in a cage’

“When Beth Culp stared down a microscope in her lab at McMaster University in the summer of 2018, she was “super confused.” After treating a cluster …”
TAGS: superbugs, antibiotics, innovative research

IWK: Wait times down, quality of care up for mental health, addictions
The Chronicle Herald
“Karen Carey, a patient navigator, is seen at the IWK in Halifax on Monday. Over the last four years, access to community mental health and addictions care at the region’s children’s hospital has improved by 75 per cent, IWK officials say.”
TAGS: mental health, addictions, community health

Getting at underlying factors of eating disorders
Western News
“Western Psychology professor Lindsay Bodell, director of the the Psychobiology of Eating And Related Disorders lab, is focusing her research on identifying the biological and psychological causes that lead to eating disorder behaviours.”
TAGS: mental health, eating disorders, biological and psychological factors

A holistic approach to healing broken hearts
“Through customized exercise prescriptions, nutrition education, and an emphasis on self-management, each participant is encouraged to get active, eat healthy, and take control of their own well-being.”
TAGS: cardiac health, holistic approach, customized health care

U of A medical researcher aims to help premature babies breathe easier

Folio – University of Alberta
“While the practice of titrating oxygen to resuscitate struggling newborns has led to better outcomes, there is a disagreement within the medical …”
TAGS: neonatal health, children and youth health, premature babies

MUN study to help people in early stage of dementia live independently
The Telegram
“For those people in the early stage of dementia and on the verge of diagnosis, Parsons intends to identify what supports and services are needed.”
TAGS: dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, aging population