Daily Media Digest February 24, 2020

Why a top Canadian obesity expert doesn’t use BMI
“Body mass index, or BMI, is the ratio of weight to height and has long been used as a way to classify people as ‘underweight,’ ‘normal weight,’ ‘overweight,’ or ‘obese.’ But experts say much more information about a person is needed to diagnose their risk of weight-related health problems, including diabetes or heart disease.”
TAGS: diabetes, BMI, obesity

Research shows new drug helps to preserve brain cells for a time after stroke

UCalgary News
“After 50 years of research and the testing of more than 1,000 drugs, there is new hope for preserving brain cells for a time after stroke. Treating acute …”
TAGS: stroke, innovative research, brain health

London researchers hold forum on vaping risks for teens

The London Free Press
“The event is a partnership between Western University, Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Lawson Health Research …”
TAGS: vaping, lung health, children and youth health

Making more matches, faster: How financial gifts give hope to patients waiting for stem cell …

Canadian Blood Services
“There is no way to fully express my gratitude to donors of any kind – they are real-life superheroes,” said Roshlind. “When I think of my stem cell donor …”
TAGS: stem cell, stem cell donor

U of T startup’s technology plays role in ‘critical breakthrough’ in coronavirus research

“Software that grew out of a University of Toronto research project facilitated what’s being described as a “critical breakthrough” in the search for a …”
TAGS: coronavirus, structural biology, biotechnology

Blood helps detect addiction
“Pakpour is using the proteins to predict opioid dependencies and addictions, but the findings could one day lead to medical diagnoses using the …”
TAGS: addiction, opioid crisis, blood tests

Researcher Maryse Fortin investigates cause and treatment of lower back pain

Concordia University News
“Fortin has also done postdoctoral research in medicine and orthopaedic spine surgery at the McGill University Health Centre and in electrical …”
TAGS: lower back pain, orthopedics, spine surgery

Heart health not top of mind for many Canadian women: review
CTV News
“Experts say although research and awareness is gaining momentum, … A recent national study revealed most women in Canada are naive when it …”
TAGS: heart health, heart and stroke, women’s health