Daily Media Digest February 26, 2020

Wearable systems’ applications in health research
UM Today (press release)
“In the era of the Internet of Bodies, wearable systems are becoming ubiquitous tools to capture human behavior and function in health research.”
TAGS: health and technology, wearable technology

A made-in-Canada solution to the coronavirus outbreak?

“Fifteen years ago, a medical researcher named Michel Chrétien and his longtime collaborator Majambu Mbikay, a Congolese scientist, unhatched a …”
TAGS: coronavirus, innovative medicines, public health

A new treatment for Alzheimer’s
McGill Tribune
“Alzheimer’s disease currently affects around 44 million people worldwide. The disease destroys cells in the brain, inducing symptoms such as memory …”
TAGS: Alzheimer’s disease, innovative treatments, dementia

London researchers holding first-of-its-kind forum on vaping risks for teens

The London Free Press
“… Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry and the Lawson Health Research Institute, the medical research arm of London’s hospitals.”
TAGS: vaping, lung health, children and youth health

New research on heart attack victims shows increased survival rates
CTV News
“Research at the University of Alberta is showing that applying clot busting drugs before a heart attack victim arrives at the hospital …”
TAGS: heart attack, survival rates, clot busters

Leukemia drugs may help patients with treatment-resistant lung cancer: U of T researchers

“… Dr. Adrian Sacher, an oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, at University Health Network, and an assistant professor of immunology at …”
TAGS: cancer, treatment-resistant lung cancer, leukemia

New study shows the effects of obesity mirror those of aging

Concordia University News
“We are trying to comprehensively make the argument that obesity parallels aging,” explains Santosa, a Tier II Canada Research Chair in Clinical …”
TAGS: obesity, aging, physical health