Daily Media Digest February 4, 2021

COVID-19 variants leave less ‘room for error’ in loosening restrictions: experts

“… metrics to decide how to open things up locally,” said Alon Vaisman, an infection disease physician at the University Health Network in Toronto.”
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Inconsistent instructions may cause too-shallow nasal swabs: study
Western News
“… to test for COVID-19 are to be inserted up Canadian noses, new research from Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute has found.”
TAGS: nasopharyngeal swabs, COVID-19, public health, Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute

Study identifies ways to alleviate staff burnout in long-term care
“The research team, led by a group of interdisciplinary frontline Providence Health Care staff, recently published a study that recommends practice changes and practical strategies to help reduce and prevent workplace stress and burnout among interdisciplinary long-term care staff who care for dying residents.”
TAGS: mental health, frontline workers, burnout, Providence Health Care

Myeloma: Moving Closer to a Cure
“Multiple myeloma, commonly referred to as myeloma, is the second-most common form of blood cancer. Every day, nine Canadians are diagnosed with myeloma, yet in spite of its growing prevalence, the disease remains relatively unknown.”
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Intellectual capital is Canada’s most important natural resource
Hill Times
“Canada is often a leader in initiating creative programs for enabling innovation and commercialization, but it does not always stay the course long enough to benefit from their outcomes and economic benefits.”
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Experimental vaccine shown to curb cat allergies, research finds
The Daily Scan
“A pilot study has shown that an experimental vaccine can reduce the systemic immune response and symptoms of allergic rhinitis in individuals allergic to cats, including nasal congestion, sneezing, nasal itching and runny nose.”
TAGS: experimental vaccine, allergies, innovative research, new treatment, Providence Health Care

U of T researchers develop app to track environmental health of neighbourhoods
“Researchers at the University of Toronto are developing an app that allows users to learn about air quality, greenery, walkability and other factors …”
TAGS: environmental health, air quality, medical technology, University of Toronto