Daily Media Digest February 7, 2020

Saskatchewan horse ranch helps people heal through Equine Assisted Learning

“Fifty kilometres east of Regina is the small town of Qu’appelle, Sask. … by the University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan and the University of …”
TAGS: mental health, opioid crisis, animal assisted therapy

Women-focused medical research is saving lives, Heart & Stroke Foundation says
CityNews Vancouver
“That’s the upshot of a new report from the Heart & Stroke Foundation, which finds progress is being made in medical research focusing on females, but …”
TAGS: women’s health, heart and stroke, medical research

Montreal researchers develop app to predict progression of brain tumours

CTV News
“If artificial intelligence remains mysterious for many, researchers from The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital) and the Montreal …”
TAGS: brain tumor, medical technology, prognosis

Ground-breaking agreement increases Indigenous self-determination for health research
Simon Fraser University News
“The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) and Simon Fraser University … study to improve the health system’s response to the opioid crisis’s impact … This innovative project is the first in Canada to use community-based research to …”
TAGS: Indigenous health, health systems, community health

Simple tool assesses physical and social frailty, predicts outcomes for vulnerable patients

Folio – University of Alberta
“Since then, research has shown a strong correlation between frailty and adverse outcomes such as complications and death in various health-care …”
TAGS: frailty, assessment tool, Edmonton Frail Scale

U of T researchers discover intricate process of DNA repair in genome stability

“The findings further challenge the belief that broken DNA floats aimlessly – and highlight the value of cross-disciplinary research in biology and …”
TAGS: DNA repair, genome stability, biology