Daily Media Digest January 11, 2021

Immune but infectious: Can someone vaccinated against COVID-19 still spread the virus?

“Dr. Jason Kindrachuk, Canada Research Chair in Emerging Viruses, explains the mRNA-based vaccine teaches our immune system to fight the virus, …”
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Toronto hospitals encouraged by early stages of virtual ER programs introduced during COVID-19
“Two hospitals — Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital — launched their six-month pilot projects last month, while Humber …”
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Socializing after the vaccine: Experts say shot won’t offer “free pass” right away
“… going to be that question of transmission,” said Jason Kindrachuk, a virologist with the University of Manitoba. “And that’s certainly a concern for us.”.”
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Has COVID-19 stolen your sense of smell? MUHC doctor suggests method to coax it back
“According to Dr. Marc Tewfik, an ear, nose and throat doctor at the McGill University Health Centre, most people who lose their sense of smell after …”
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AI enables faster, smarter inoculations at COVID drive-throughs
“Their hope is that the tool will help mass vaccination planners quickly compare different types of drive-through approaches and settle on the best fit for local populations. The research was conducted at York University in Toronto and is published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.”
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Anti-viral cat medication may show promise for humans with COVID-19: U of A researchers
“Dr. Ilan Schwartz, an infectious diseases researcher at the University of … Because this is an often fatal, and serious illness, research has already …”
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Improving building ventilation can help control coronavirus spread during winter months
“This article, written by Gabriel Wainer, Carleton University, originally appeared on The Conversation and has been republished here with permission:.”
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Diabetes is an epidemic, and we need a national plan to get it under control
“Today, 11 million Canadians – nearly one in three – live with pre-diabetes or diabetes, a figure that has doubled since 2000. Canada ranks among the …”
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