Daily Media Digest January 16, 2020

Meeting the global health challenge of worms that cause disease

McGill Reporter (blog)
“[…] Global Health Program at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), has dedicated her career to understanding and […]”
TAGS: disease, parasites, global health

New phone program will help NWT parents, kids with mental health

“New phone program will help N.W.T. parents, kids with mental health […] through a six-year research program based out of the IWK Health Centre, […]”
TAGS: mental health, children and youth health, community health

Diverting ‘plumbing’ to improve wound care
“Healing time for these wounds has been significantly reduced in many cases. When the option is proposed to patients, some are hesitant at first, but once the benefits are explained they come around to the idea.”
TAGS: chronic health, wound care, ostomies

Chemist researching impacts of poor indoor air quality

“”We spend more than 90 per cent of our time indoors,” said Tara Kahan, a chemist at the U of S and the Canada Research Chair in analytical […]”
TAGS: respiratory health, lung health, long-term impacts on health

Toronto neurosurgeon marks 1,000th operation treating ‘excruciating’ facial pain syndrome
“The issue, however, can be resolved through surgery, though only a handful of Canadian doctors have the expertise to perform the operation. Dr. Hodaie, who works at the Krembil Brain Institute at Toronto Western Hospital, is the leader among them. She descibes TN as “a thunderbolt of extremely severe electrical pain.””
TAGS: trigeminal neuralgia, chronic pain, neurosurgery

‘It was shocking because it came so quick’: Patients and doctors cope as flu season ramps up

“It’s what makes people really sick,” said Dr. Mark Loeb, division director for infectious diseases at McMaster University in Hamilton. In Ajax, Ont., about […]”
TAGS: infectious disease, influenza, flu season

U of T to partner with CAMH to overhaul mental health services for students

“The University of Toronto is partnering with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) as it takes immediate steps to harmonize mental health […]”
TAGS: mental health, community health, healthcare access

Research news: One in eight Ontario pregnancies are to women with a disability
“Pregnancy rates for women with disabilities in Ontario have risen in the past 15 years according to a new study by ICES, the University of Toronto, and CAMH.”
TAGS: women’s health, pregnancy, maternal health

When caregiving for a loved one can turn to burnout
The Globe and Mail
“Many Canadians who are caring for a sick or aging loved one can experience caregiver burnout, which occurs when the demands of the role result in the caregiver feeling physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted”
TAGS: caregiver burnout, mental health, chronic illness

The ABCs of mental resilience
The Varsity
“Wager, a performance coach for athletes who works at the U of T-affiliated Toronto Western Hospital, spoke with The Varsity to share his experiences of mental health and discuss promising approaches to addressing the causes of mental health concerns.”
TAGS: mental health, mental resilience, physical activity and health