Daily Media Digest January 18, 2021

How the spread of coronavirus variants could completely change the pandemic in Canada

“… Dr. Susy Hota, an infectious disease specialist at the University Health Network and an associate professor of medicine at the University of Toronto.”
TAGS: COVID-19, infectious disease, variants, public health, University Health Network, University of Manitoba

Feel like you’re suffering from face blindness? York research shows masks change the way we process faces
York University
“A new study, led by researchers in the Faculty of Health and VISTA (Vision Science to Applications) at York, finds that our ability to recognize faces is severely impaired by masks, and this decreased face perception is impacting our social interactions with others.”
TAGS: neuroscience, perception, face blindness, social interactions, pandemic, COVID-19, York University

Western researchers develop more accurate COVID-19 antibody test
London Free Press (Blogs)
“The Western University cancer researcher arrived in Wuhan, China, last January and two days later he was in COVID-19 lockdown in what’s considered …”
TAGS: COVID-19, antibody test, innovative research, public health, Western University

Researchers underscore predicting chemoresistance would better tailor cancer treatment
HRI Portal
“A trailblazing chemist digs deep on resistance to chemotherapy. What he and his team discover may prevent needless chemo treatments, open different treatment pathways and have application to other cancer biomarkers – a gamechanger for oncology, the healthcare system and, most of all, patients.”
TAGS: chemoresistance, cancer, innovative treatment, oncology, York University

How to include Indigenous researchers and their knowledge
“Researchers from Native American and Indigenous communities explain how colleagues and institutions can help them to battle marginalization.”
TAGS: Indigenous researchers, marginalization, research, York University

Dalhousie leads study on Atlantic Canadian diets during pandemic
“By using this previous research, Mah said researchers will be able to compare data and see the impacts on diets from the coronavirus pandemic. People …”
TAGS: nutritional health, diet, pandemic, COVID-19, public health

U of O study finds that treatment for Alzheimer’s disease helps reverse memory loss in male but not …
The Fulcrum
“According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada’s 2018-2019 Impact Report, “25,000 new cases of dementia [including Alzheimer’s] are diagnosed …”
TAGS: memory loss, treatment, Alzheimer’s disease, innovative research