Daily Media Digest January 29, 2021

Press Release: COVID-19 doesn’t care who you are, but the pandemic does
“We conducted a national survey of Canadians age 55+ to learn if some sub-groups are coping with the pandemic better than others and about its impact on daily life and future care planning. The aim is to power programs and policies with evidence that can lead to a better quality of life during and after current and future pandemics.”
TAGS: pandemic, COVID-19, vulnerable population, Canadian Frailty Network

Experts weighs in on why masks, social distancing are needed, even if you get the shot
Kitchener Today
“As we celebrate the arrival of these two novel vaccines, other factors that are worth mentioning may hamper the return to our old normal life, profs say”
TAGS: vaccine, public health, personal protective equipment York University

Calls for help, anxiety, depression increased by pandemic, mental health support advocates say
CTV Toronto
“Researchers from the University of Calgary found concerning rates of anxiety and depression in women who were pregnant or gave birth in 2020.”
TAGS: mental health, anxiety, depression, pandemic, COVID-19, University of Calgary

‘Breaking point’: Anxiety rising among health-care workers amidst second wave
CTV News London
“A national study conducted by Mental Health Research Canada found that 28 per cent of front-line workers are experiencing anxiety. Among that …”
TAGS: mental health, frontline workers, healthcare, anxiety, pandemic, COVID-19

Sunnybrook investigating whether form of light therapy in the nose can destroy COVID-19
“The therapy might also prove to reduce the risk of COVID-19 among medical staff who are about to treat a COVID-19-positive patient. Read more: Data …”
TAGS: light therapy, disinfecting, infectious disease, COVID-19, Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Expert insights: Structural stigma against mental illness ‘baked into’ system
Western News
“By Javeed Sukhera, Western University, first published in The Conversation. Every year, Canada has a conversation about the stigma of mental illness …”
TAGS: mental health, stigma, anxiety, depression, Western University

Roche Diabetes Care and Montméd join forces to bring Canadian led innovation to people living …
Canada NewsWire
“The SiteSmart™ pen needle system was developed through concerted efforts between Montméd, Canadian Diabetes Educators and Pharmacists …”
TAGS: diabetes, chronic illness, medical technology

Calgary doctor co-leads groundbreaking spinal cord injury research
CTV Toronto
“Phillips says one of the biggest motivating factors for him wanting to get involved with this kind of research and development was a friend in his life …”
TAGS: spinal cord injury, innovative research, University of Calgary