Daily Media Digest January 5, 2022

How long should you wait for your third COVID-19 vaccine dose? – CTV News
CTV News
“I think it is confusing for Canadians, for sure,” Dr. Nazeem Muhajarine, an epidemiologist at the University of Saskatchewan, told CTVNews.ca in …
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Ontario’s case numbers ‘don’t reflect reality’ of who has COVID, virus expert says | CBC News
“Dr. Eric Arts, Canada Research Chair in viral control at Western University, says wastewater testing is a fairly accurate reflection of COVID-19 …”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, public health, infectious disease, Western University

A pair of university students have come up with a site to report rapid tests – CTV News London
CTV News London
“He collaborated with Carleton University Computer Sciences student Morris to create something that would collect another piece of the puzzle to …”
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Made-in-Canada AI prototype like ‘Google Maps’ for surgeons: doctor – CTV News
CTV News
“Dr. Amin Madani, a staff surgeon in the Sprott Department of Surgery at the University Health Network in Toronto, is part of a team that has …”
TAGS: medical technology, innovative research, surgery, University Health Network

Interactive app helps prevent injury from incorrect use of walking aids | News | University of Calgary
McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health – University of Calgary
“App provides education on correctly fitting and using aids such as crutches, canes and walkers.”
TAGS: injury, walking aids, medical technology, app, University of Calgary

How AgeTech Is Empowering Older Canadians to Stay Independent, Healthy
Health Insight
“AGE-WELL, Canada’s technology and aging network, accelerates the delivery of technologies that benefit older adults and caregivers.”
TAGS: aging network, medical technology, AGE-WELL

Snyder Institute Launches Bold New Research for IBD
Health Insight
“Dr. Cathy Lu, MD, and her research team are working to identify which CD patients will develop intestinal scar tissue, which causes narrowing and leads to blockages. Some CD patients become so ill they must be admitted to the hospital or require surgery.”
TAGS: IBD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, colitis, innovative research, University of Calgary

U of T faculty, alumni and supporters named to Order of Canada – University of Toronto
University of Toronto
“Among the U of T community members most recently named to the Order are: Professor Eleanor Fish, who has done groundbreaking work in the use of interferon-alpha in the treatment of disease”
TAGS: Dr. Eleanor Fish, Order of Canada, innovative research