Daily Media Digest January 5, 2021

‘People can have hope,’ McMaster prof says of Hamilton’s 2021 COVID-19 outlook
“While there are still “a lot of unknowns,” an infectious disease specialist at McMaster University says there’s also “a lot of hope” when it comes to …”
TAGS: COVID-19, immunization, public health, vaccine, infectious disease, McMaster University

Western University measles research underscores widespread value of vaccines
London Free Press (Blogs)
“As the coronavirus vaccine is rolled out across Canada, timely research at Western University into measles vaccination is shedding light on the …”
TAGS: measles, vaccination, memory cells, immune response, public health, Western University

The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health in Canada. Will it also change mental health care?
Toronto Star
“They weren’t the only ones: CAMH did a survey of its own in six waves, ending in November, with the help of Delvinia, a Toronto-based research …”
TAGS: pandemic, mental health, mental health care, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

What you need to know about the coronavirus variant in Canada
“A new study from Imperial College London has found that the coronavirus variant first … Dr. Barbara Yaffe, Ontario’s associate chief medical officer of health, … 26. The agency said more research is needed to confirm these findings.”
TAGS: COVID-19, coronavirus variant, infectious disease, public health, McMaster University

Using VR to train nurses in health assessment
“Nora MacLachlan, Bow Valley College’s dean of health and community studies, is spearheading the use of virtual reality for training student nurses …”
TAGS: health assessment, virtual reality, medical technology, medical training, Bow Valley College

Brain cancer linked to tissue healing: U of T researchers
“The developmental state is a hallmark of the glioblastoma stem cells and resembles that of the rapidly dividing stem cells in the brain before birth. But the …”
TAGS: cancer, brain cancer, tissue healing, innovative research, tumor, SickKids Research Institute