Daily Media Digest July 10, 2020

VIDO-InterVac shifts focus to hamsters in efforts to create COVID-19 vaccine

“VIDO-InterVac is also assisting other companies across the globe working on their own vaccine developments.”
TAGS: COVID-19, vaccine development, animal models

Psychologist warns of mental health costs of keeping kids out of school
“Dr. Krista Jangaard with the IWK Health Centre told CBC’s Information Morning that schools provide vital social interaction and development for kids.”
TAGS: mental health, pandemic, children and youth health

York U Libraries creates new, globally accessible COVID-19 research guide
York University
“In an initiative spearheaded by the Dean of Libraries, Joy Kirchner, York University Libraries has created a comprehensive new resource for researchers around the world. Devoted exclusively to COVID-19, it could not be timelier.”
TAGS: COVID-19, COVID-19 research, research resource

McMaster opens Centre of Excellence to advance personal protective equipment in Canada
McMaster University
“McMaster University is now home to an established network of engineers, clinicians, local manufacturers and companies dedicated to advancing personal protective equipment products in Canada.”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, personal protective equipment

Researchers identify inflammatory molecules as potential targets for COVID-19
“Having studied blood samples from critically ill COVID-19 patients, researchers from Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University (both London, Canada) have identified a unique set of six inflammatory molecules that could be used as therapeutic targets for treating the virus.”
TAGS: COVID-19, innovative treatment, therapeutic targets

Smartphone study exploring impacts of social distancing on youth mental health
Dal News
“Imagery for the smartphone research study by Dal and IWK Health Centre researchers. Researchers from Dalhousie and the IWK Health Centre are …”
TAGS: COVID-19, mental health, children and youth health

Virtual treatment for depression is better than in-person sessions: McMaster study
“A new study from McMaster University suggests virtual therapy for people with depression is actually better than in-person sessions. It’s a revelation …”
TAGS: mental health, virtual care, depression

Helping our immune systems bypass antibiotic resistance
“As the search continues for new antibiotics to treat drug-resistant infections, a team of researchers led by Anthony Clarke, professor and dean of Science at Wilfrid Laurier University, is addressing the problem from a different direction, by trying to weaken the ability of bacteria to develop resistance in the first place.”
TAGS: immune system, antibiotic resistance, innovative research

Researchers make first steps towards cure for HIV
Western News
“Conducted in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and Imperial College London, the study was funded by the American Foundation of …”
TAGS: HIV, innovative treatment

Deconstructing glioblastoma complexity reveals its pattern of development
McGill Newsroom
“The research was led by Dr. Kevin Petrecca, a neurosurgeon and brain cancer researcher at The Neuro (Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital) …”
TAGS: glioblastoma, neuroscience, cancer

Researchers at U of T use stem cells to grow functional blood vessel cells found in liver
“It represents a collaborative effort between basic and clinical researchers at U of T and the University Health Network (UHN) with expertise in stem cell …”
TAGS: stem cells, innovative research