Daily Media Digest July 29, 2022

Toronto’s CAMH gets 1st federal grant to study magic mushrooms as treatment for depression
“Psilocybin is the chemical compound in magic mushrooms that induces a so-called ‘trip.’ Researchers at CAMH are going to explore if those psychoactive effects are necessary for the compound to alleviate treatment-resistant depression in adults.”
TAGS: mental health, depression, psychedelics, CAMH

Improved communication through Secure Chat means better patient care
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Since Epic’s launch last month, these HHS doctors and staff have been using Secure Chat to communicate and collaborate, either one-on-one or in groups to exchange messages or discuss patient information.”
TAGS: technology, patient information, health care, Hamilton Health Sciences

New biomarker speeds up identification of lung disease
Technology Networks
“A new diagnostic method could help identify one of the deadliest types of interstitial lung disease (ILD) sooner, allowing for faster treatment and improved patient outcomes.”
TAGS: diagnostics, lung disease, Lawson Health Research Institute

$1 million CIHR grant supports University-City Partnerships
Lakehead University
“A $1 million grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) aims to improve local health outcomes for residents of Thunder Bay and Ottawa through partnership between academic researchers, universities, and municipalities.”
TAGS: population health, research funding, Lakehead University, Bruyère Research Institute

Health checks during heat waves can help protect the most susceptible
BC Centre for Disease Control
“A new health check guide by the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health helps to identify people at risk and provides guidance on how to keep cool during extreme heat events.”
TAGS: extreme heat, climate change, Provincial Health Services Authority (BC)