Daily Media Digest July 31, 2020

Kids Brain Health Network supports Indigenous research to help children with neurodisabilities and their families
HRI Portal
“Compared to their non-Indigenous counterparts, Indigenous children in Canada have an increased risk of developmental delays and poor mental health. This inequity is due to intergenerational trauma, marginalization and a lack of culturally-informed interventions.”
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Pets, vets, vaccines and the pandemic: Animal and human health entwined more than ever in COVID times
Capital Current
“With COVID-19 forcing people to practise physical distancing, a pet can make a big difference in terms of emotional support.”
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How does COVID-19 spread? U of T infectious disease expert breaks down the latest research
U of T News
“As the province continues with its phased approach to re-opening the economy, what is the latest research telling us about how the coronavirus actually spreads?”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health

Voices from the community: Contributing to the fight against COVID-19
Canadian Immigrant
““At Diabetes Canada, we have worked to provide information related to COVID-19, including a FAQs document available on the website, in addition to developing ‘ask the expert’ videos about COVID-19 and diabetes,” he says.”
TAGS: COVID-19, diabetes

Nova Scotia doctor answers questions about masks
The Chronicle Herald
“Some questions the public is asking about non-medical face masks, answered by Dr. Lisa Barrett, an infectious disease doctor and researcher with Nova Scotia Health, the province’s health authority.”
TAGS: COVID-19, prevention, public health

New research: Mental health impact of coronavirus pandemic hits marginalized groups hardest
Vancouver Sun
“The mental health consequences of COVID-19 can be described as the “fourth wave” of the pandemic, and are projected to result in the greatest and most enduring health footprint.”
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Building a Diverse Alliance: Research Canada Welcomes Five New Members
HRI Portal
““These exceptional organizations will bring a unique and diverse perspective to Research Canada’s national advocacy efforts,” says Deborah Gordon-El-Bihbety, President and CEO of Research Canada.”
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