Daily Media Digest July 8, 2019

“The study, funded by Jim Pattison’s Children’s Hospital Foundation, monitored seven children with severe pediatric epilepsy, a debilitating condition …”
TAGS: cannabis, epilepsy, treatment


“Although current guidelines suggest that developmental delays, including language delays, be diagnosed by age three, most diagnoses don’t occur until age four or five.”
TAGS: diagnosis, developmental delays, intervention


“A research team at Western University is attempting to crack the code on why the psychological experience of marijuana may be different among …”
TAGS: cannabis, psychological experience


“Many of us, aware of the benefits of exercise, try to stick to a routine, only to find our sneakers at the back of the closet when the weather doesn’t co-operate, our routine is disrupted or we are short of time.”
TAGS: exercise, healthy routine


“Experimental gene therapy for hemophilia, developed by Pfizer and … Three patients getting the highest dose — the one Pfizer and Sangamo plan to …”
TAGS: hemophilia, gene therapy, treatment


“He specialized in psychology and neuroscience as a graduate student at Western University. He’s interested in developing VR experiences that can …”
TAGS: virtual reality, seniors, wellness


The London Free Press
“… for children with cancer spent Wednesday night on her porch, crying over a failed attempt to get more federal dollars for pediatric cancer research.”
TAGS: pediatric research, cancer, funding