Daily Media Digest July 8, 2021

Addressing Canada’s digital divide requires equitable access to data
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“Access to data, including having the power to decide how data is used or what questions it answers, is a growing societal divide that’s revealing a dangerous power differential in Canada.”
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Experts argue why making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory doesn’t necessarily work
The Globe and Mail
“But the need to make COVID-19 vaccines compulsory is by no means clear-cut, and some experts warn the introduction of mandatory vaccine policies is not always justified or effective.”
TAGS: COVID-19, vaccination, Western University, University of Saskatchewan

After 16 months, the crisis phase of the COVID pandemic is finally receding
“”Overall, we’re in good shape,” said University of Manitoba virologist Jason Kindrachuk, a Canada Research Chair in the molecular pathogenesis of emerging and re-​emerging viruses.”
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Canadian researchers closer to understanding how AZ vaccine recipients develop rare blood clots
CTV News
“A new Canadian study has found a link as to why some people may develop dangerous but extremely rare blood clots after receiving AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine.”
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Dancing can improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in some patients, study shows
CTV News
“Although it is a degenerative disease, a study released Wednesday by York University in Toronto suggests that debilitating symptoms can be improved with weekly dance classes.”
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First-dose COVID-19 vaccinations plateau across Canada, threatening path to variant resilience
The Globe and Mail
“The number of people getting their first COVID-19 vaccine doses is plateauing across the country, heightening the need to target harder-to-reach groups if Canada is going to achieve the vaccination levels needed to control the spread of infection.”
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Most Ontario youth experienced depression during pandemic, early data suggests
Toronto Star
“Researchers at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children released initial findings Thursday indicating that the majority of children and teenagers saw their mental health decline during the pandemic’s second wave.”
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