Daily Media Digest June 1, 2020

‘Pandemic pets’ reducing stress, boosting mental health

“This article, written by L.F. Carver, Queen’s University, Ontario, originally appeared on The Conversation and has been republished here with …”
TAGS: mental health, pandemic, stress

Global study finds women less likely to have heart disease – and die of it – than men
Hamilton Health Sciences
“The study from the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University and Hamilton Health Sciences was published in The Lancet. The information came from the Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study which followed the participants an average of 10 years.”
TAGS: heart disease, women’s health, heart health

Copper surfaces can reduce spread of disease in hospitals: VCH study
Vancouver Sun
“He said VCH is also recommending that new health care buildings use copper, such as the new wing at Lion’s Gate Hospital. Copper will likely be most …”
TAGS: antimicrobial properties, spread of disease, innovative research

COVID-19 patients at an increased risk to die post surgery: study
CTV News
“Professor Janet Martin of Western University in London, Ont. is part of the global study and says these findings are important for guiding decision …”
TAGS: COVID-19, surgery risks, risk factors

Provincewide survey hopes to shed light on how families are coping with COVID-19
The Kingston Whig-Standard
“… Andrea Gonzalez, associate professor and Tier II Canada Research Chair in Family Health and Preventive Interventions. “This study will help inform …”
TAGS: mental health, COVID-19, pandemic

UM named university with most contributions globally in top 100 papers on antibiotics
UM Today (press release)
““I think it really shows the great work that the University of Manitoba infectious diseases and microbiology has done over time,” said Dr. Anand Kumar, …”
TAGS: antibiotics, innovative research, infectious disease and microbiology

Learning how the coronavirus affects the body offers clues to fight COVID-19
“Dr. Zain Chagla, an associate professor of infectious disease at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., said the wide extent of clotting with this virus …”
TAGS: COVID-19, innovative treatment, infectious disease, public health

Nova Scotia researcher leads study into anesthesia, patients’ priorities
The Journal Pioneer
“Nova Scotia researcher leads study into anesthesia, patients’ priorities … it took her about six operations to straighten that out with medical teams. … in a study last year conducted by the Canadian Anesthesia Research Priority … obstetric anesthesia at the IWK Health Centre, and the leader of the study.”
TAGS: anesthesia, patient care, patient priorities

UBC researcher to study link between exercise, mental health among older adults during pandemic
“UBC researcher to study link between exercise, mental health among older … Beauchamp and a team of researchers are launching a study into the … so those who are 65 years or older currently living in Canada and who have been …”
TAGS: mental health, aging population, public health, pandemic

Could a simple gas produced by our bodies be used to treat COVID-19? Canadian trials underway
CTV News
“SaNOtize Research has been given a $400,000 grant from the National … Another study is underway at the University Health Network in Toronto to …”
TAGS: innovative treatment, COVID-19, public health