Daily Media Digest June 14, 2021

Ontario could see ‘tsunami’ of recovered COVID-19 patients with long-term symptoms: experts
CBC News
“Anywhere from 10 to 20 per cent of COVID-19 patients who are infected recover from the virus but suffer long-term symptoms, according to Dr. Alexandra Rendely, a staff physician at the University Health Network’s Toronto Rehabilitation Institute.”
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Busting myths about vaccination – and why experts say it’s essential to our return to normal
CBC News
“We were using technologies that already had been in place and really had, I think in many ways, likely been perfected prior to the emergence of this brand new virus,” said Jason Kindrachuk, a University of Manitoba professor and Canada Research Chair in emerging viruses.”
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Global research consortium examines if COVID-19 may cause diabetes
CBC News
“Spanza is not alone. Around the world, physicians treating people recovering from COVID-19 have noticed that some of their patients have been diagnosed with diabetes shortly after contracting the virus.”
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Good news for Canadians: Our age-tech sector is on an upward swing
Health Insight
“New and emerging technologies are essential for the future of aging in Canada. Not only do technology-driven solutions support older adults and caregivers, they also help ease pressures on our health care system and long-term care facilities.”
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Alberta launches $3M lottery in bid to reach first-dose vaccine target amid faltering demand
Calgary Herald
“Timothy Caulfield, a Canada research chair in health law and policy at the University of Alberta, said incentives like lotteries might be a helpful strategy for convincing those who are hesitant or complacent about vaccines to get their jab.”
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Canadian drug companies want new pricing regs delayed again until after pandemic
CTV News
“We want to have a comprehensive discussion around the life sciences sector in Canada and how we can build up the resiliency to ensure that Canada is better positioned for the next pandemic,” said Pfizer Canada CEO Cole Pinnow … “But now is not the time.”
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