Daily Media Digest June 30, 2020

How Canada could avoid a 2nd wave of COVID-19
Yahoo News
“But experts say the likelihood of a second wave isn’t set in stone, and Canada could instead see several smaller waves in the coming months or avoid a second wave altogether — especially if we keep our guard up.”
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Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine ready to start human trials soon
CTV News
“Canadian-made COVID-19 vaccine ready to start human trials soon … Nathalie Landry, executive vice president of Scientific and Medical Affairs … Research teams with Laval University worked with the company to develop the … begin human trials, and that is currently being reviewed by Health Canada.”
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Saliva test to detect COVID-19 being developed in Saskatchewan
“Dr. Walter Siqueira of the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Dentistry is leading the development of the new diagnostic test. Siqueira’s team is …”
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The Daily Scan
“The researchers looked into current health measures such as physical distancing, eye protection and face masks, “suggest that wearing face masks protects people (both health-care workers and the general public) against infection …” while cautioning no single measure provided complete protection.”
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‘It’s just the beginning’: Joint study exploring long-term impact of COVID-19 on the brain
CTV News
“Two Canadian universities and one hospital are partnering to study the potential long-term cognitive impact COVID-19 could have on the brain.”
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Teaching Old Drugs New Tricks
Research at UHN
“The three UHN projects selected by LifeArc all focus on existing and widely used drugs. If these drugs are shown to work as treatments for COVID-19, they could be made available to patients much faster than newly developed drugs. More details about the three projects can be found below:”
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Sunnybrook scientists receive $5.5M in CIHR funding for COVID-19 research
“Three projects led by Sunnybrook researchers were awarded more than $5.5M in funding through the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity.”
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