Daily Media Digest June 9, 2020

Are we losing sleep over the COVID-19 pandemic?
“Is COVID-19 keeping you up at night? An international team of researchers, including at UHN, is investigating how the pandemic may be impacting sleep quality for people around the world.”
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Helping senior citizens opened a new chapter in CHEO’s story
“Even before the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in March, CHEO was already planning and mobilizing to respond to this new, unknown threat to the health of Canadians. Although we planned for all kinds of possibilities, we did not imagine part of our response would be for staff to leave the hospital and care for some of Ottawa’s oldest residents, rather than the youngest.”
TAGS: COVID-19, vulnerable populations, long-term care

Spotting the second wave: uOttawa researchers use wastewater tests to detect COVID-19
Ottawa Business Journal
“In a matter of days he connected with researchers at the CHEO Research Institute as well as in the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine to …”
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Virtual physiotherapy helping patients stay ‘on track’ during pandemic
“Patients are required to regularly travel or even relocate to Toronto for rehabilitation to prepare for, and recover from, lung transplant surgery. This project, designed to facilitate integrated care and support people closer to home, uses remote patient monitoring, communication and education available through an app accessed on the patients’ phone or tablet.”
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Test, Trace, and Isolate: COVID-19 and the Canadian Constitution
“As long as contact tracing apps are carefully constructed and the information they reveal is appropriately safeguarded, such apps may, in conjunction with actual human tracing, have a role to play in the country’s public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, says a team of experts from York University, the University of Toronto and Ontario Tech University.”
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Queen’s University researcher receives funding for pulmonary hypertension research
The Kingston Whig-Standard
““My research is directed toward developing therapies to improve pulmonary hypertension patients’ quality of life, and the Mohammed Family’s support …”
TAGS: innovative research, pulmonary hypertension, lung health

Research team needs your poop: study shows fecal transplants could help treat type of liver disease
CTV News
“A team of researchers with Western University and Lawson Health Research Institute were looking at whether the procedure could help treat …”
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