Daily Media Digest June 9, 2021

Nursing PhDs speak to Parliament about cancer, COVID
UM Today
“Horrill was one of 24 researchers who presented to Research Canada’s Parliamentary Health Research Caucus (PHRC) as part of an online event co- …”
TAGS: COVID-19, advocacy, Indigenous Health, Parliamentary Health Research Caucus, University of Manitoba

Enhancing care for patients with multiple chronic conditions
Schulich Medicine & Dentistry
“In an effort to help these patients improve their quality of life and better manage their health, Dr. Moira Stewart and a team of researchers at Schulich Medicine & Dentistry’s Centre for Studies in Family Medicine tested a multi-provider case conference as part of their care. The conference includes all of the patient’s treating physicians and other providers, as well as the patient.”
TAGS: chronic condition, enhancing care, quality of life, Western University

New clinical trial at The Neuro offers hope to brain cancer patients with a recurrence of glioblastoma
McGill Reporter
“The past decade has seen tremendous strides made in cancer treatments. Increased access to clinical trials and personalized medicine have helped …”
TAGS: neuroscience, glioblastoma, cancer, innovative research, the Neuro

New tool helps cochlear implant patients hear with improved clarity
CTV News
“Western researchers, working with international colleagues, have developed a new tool that helps cochlear implant patients hear their world with improved clarity.”
TAGS: hearing, audition, cochlear implant, innovative medical device, Western University

Nova Scotia’s insulin pump program should cover adults, advocates say
“Diabetes Canada refers to that criteria as age discrimination. It’s advocating that the remaining provinces — including all four in the Atlantic region — …”
TAGS: insulin, diabetes, chronic health condition, Diabetes Canada, IWK Health Centre

Muskoka Gutsy Walk raises more than $15000 for Crohn’s and colitis
My Muskoka Now
“Michelle Robinson, chair of Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s Muskoka branch, organized a small walk in Kilworthy over the weekend to participate …”
TAGS: Crohn’s, colitis, fundraising, chronic health, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada