Daily Media Digest March 11, 2020

Path from junk food to poor decisions drawn by Western University researchers
The London Free Press
“Some Western University researchers say you’ll be helping them make life-altering decisions for their adult brain health. In a paper published in The …”
TAGS: teen health, development, dietary health

Toronto General Hospital ranked 4th in the world: Newsweek

“One of the University of Toronto’s fully affiliated hospitals, Toronto General Hospital in the University Health Network, was recognized as the fourth best …”
TAGS: University Health Network, hospital

Intestinal intelligence: understanding how tiny gut projections arise could inform new treatments
“These structures maximize the area available for nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream to sustain our nutritional requirements. If the villi are compromised, however, it can lead to serious conditions such as celiac disease, short bowel syndrome and intestinal failure.”
TAGS: intestinal health, short bowel syndrome, intestinal failure

Trans and non-binary Canadians not having health care needs met: Western Study

CTV News
“A Western University-led project is shining the light on unmet healthcare needs for transgender and non-binary Canadians. A survey …”
TAGS: community health, Trans and non-binary health

Infectious diseases specialist warns of ‘overkill’ when cancelling events over coronavirus fears

“… we’re going to see a serious hit to our global economy,” said Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, an infectious disease specialist at the University Health Network.”
TAGS: coronavirus, public health, infectious disease

Heart disease, stroke and diabetes all at once: A true triple threat
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Greater odds of acquiring two or three cardiometabolic conditions among individuals with little-to-no physical activity and high stress levels.”
TAGS: cardiometabolic health, stroke, diabetes, chronic illness