Daily Media Digest March 12, 2018

“A team, including a local emergency department doctor and medical students, has developed GridlockED Game to help medical trainees learn how to balance multiple patients. “Right now, it’s rated 18-plus because of blood, guts and gore,” says team lead Teresa Chan, a Hamilton Health Sciences … “
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“March is Nutrition Month and Alberta Health Services (AHS) are taking the month to promote a wellness campaign that’s lasting all year long. AHS wants to inspire Albertans to make healthy food choices and stick to their nutrition goals at home and at work. They say since many full-time employees …”
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Lethbridge Herald
“On Tuesday, Dr. Stephen Lomber, a professor of physiology, pharmacology and psychology at the University of Western Ontario and Canadian Research Chair in Brain Plasticity and Development, will give a free public lecture titled The Plastic Brain: How the brain is able to adapt to blindness, …”
TAGS: Brain Awareness Week, Behavioural Neuroscience


“A recent study by researchers at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) showed that the brain changes with the progression of depression, suggesting that depression needs to be treated differently at every stage of the illness. The team, led by Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, showed that people with … “
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The Telegram
“I am composing this letter while sitting in a hospital ward attending a very ill family patriarch. It is troubling to see a loved one so vulnerable and totally dependent on our struggling health-care system. As a senior citizen myself, I can’t help but ponder my own fate, recognizing that some day I will likely be …”
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London Free Press)
“A London technology firm has landed $5-million in private funding with software it says will save health care systems time and money. Sensory Technologies, on Collip Circle, is marketing its eShift technology into the U.S. and Europe, but also is getting noticed by health care officials close to home.”
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The Kingston Whig-Standard
““It’s unheard of to climb the rankings so quickly, especially considering the types of complex cases that arrive at our [Kingston General Hospital] site,” Carol McIntosh, director of ambulatory clinics and emergency care, said. “With support and the hard work of teams across the hospital, we are improving …”
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Toronto Sun-2 hours ago
“Matchee and his fellow soldiers had been given mefloquine (also known as Lariam), an anti-malarial drug, prior to its licensing by Canadian health officials and … also also joined the Royal Canadian Legion in calling on the Canadian Government to support research on mefloquine poisoning among Canadian veterans.”
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Stockhouse-7 minutes ago
“Namaste believes that Inolife’s technology provides the most accurate and efficient method for dosing with medical cannabis. Namaste expects to work within Health Canada’s current and future cannabis regulations, when proceeding towards commercialization of pre-filled needle-free syringes. Namaste expects to …”
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