Daily Media Digest March 19, 2018

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“The government of Canada is making more funding available for a number of diverse health research projects at the University of Saskatchewan. Researchers at the Saskatoon-based post secondary institution have qualified to receive $4.4 million for the study of six projects, the majority of which human …”
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“Most people, about 90 per cent, are protected by the current hepatitis B vaccine, said Dr. Joanne Langley of the vaccinology centre at the IWK Health Centre. “But 10 per cent don’t respond,” said Langley, associate director of the evaluation group at the Canadian Center for Vaccinology, in an interview. “
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Canadian Homesteading
“Lilia is a UVic student that has to deal with the hardships of cystic fibrosis. While this can be a burden, the … Cystic fibrosis is a fatal disorder and one that put Lilia through great pain. For her, it was even difficult to … Cystic Fibrosis Canada is also backing up her cause. “About one in eight people who …”
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The Kingston Whig-Standard
“A research team at Kingston Health Sciences Centre is the first to determine a possible cause for delirium. “We’re really excited because delirium is one of the most common things that happens to people when they’re in the intensive care unit,” Dr. Gordon Boyd, a KHSC critical care physician and … “
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EurekAlert (press release)
“Canada’s Métis people are 1 of 3 groups officially named in the Canadian Constitution as the “aboriginal peoples of Canada”, along with Inuit and First Nations peoples. Métis people, who are descendants of early unions between First Nations women and European fur traders, have unique culture, …”
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“We’ve all been told that stress is harmful to our health. But new evidence suggests that children who suffer stressful or traumatic events could suffer life-long consequences. The events are known as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), which range from parental separation to sexual abuse.”
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“She was instrumental in getting Indigenous interpreters at the hospital, and advocated for Indigenous patients. In 1973 she left the hospital for a position with a health organization serving mostly Indigenous people in downtown Winnipeg. She volunteered on many different projects outside of nursing, …”
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Ottawa Citizen
“The University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute (uOBMRI) is hosting the inaugural March for Concussion on Saturday, March 24 from 1-3 … the march itself,” said Dr. Shawn Marshall, medical director for the acquired brain injury rehabilitation clinic at the Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre. “
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Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre
“The CEO of Home Care Ontario says the upcoming provincial budget and election campaign can help bring attention to seniors’ health care issues. Sue Van der Bent says the $2.7 billion the government transfers for home care services represents only five per-cent of total health care spending by …”
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““This strategy harnessed a natural change that occurs as we get older and used it to boost memory for information that is meaningful to older adults,” said Dr. Kelly Murphy, senior author on the study, a clinical neuropsychologist at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care and psychology professor at the …”
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EurekAlert (press release)-42 minutes ago
“TORONTO, March 19, 2018–People who are living with HIV in Ontario have access to good health care and medications, yet they are still dying younger and at … This study received funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Ontario AIDS Network, the …”
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