Daily Media Digest March 25, 2021

Dr. Bradly Wouters: ‘I fear that once the crisis of COVID fades, the public will forget us’
Bill Kelly Show
“The worldwide crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic has placed medical research, and the scientists who carry out this research, front and centre in the public eye… But my fear is when the pandemic subsides, we will be pushed back into our scientific bubble.”
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Pan-Canadian research platform probes ways to repair the brain, boost stroke recovery with non-invasive stimulation
HRI Portal
“The first platform of its kind in the world, CanStim features a unique translational approach towards stroke rehabilitation and recovery research by integrating pre-clinical and clinical research from the project inception. The platform will provide the necessary research capacity in non-invasive brain stimulation methods…”
TAGS: stroke, brain health, Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery

5 Minutes on Frailty Video Series Launch
Canadian Frailty Network
“The Canadian Frailty Network is launching a series of videos focused on the various aspects of frailty. Delivered in 5 minute, bite-sized features, this video series aims to deliver information about frailty risk, management and prevention to all Canadians, but in particular, older adults and their family/friend caregivers.”
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Stem cells from umbilical cords might be the answer for severely ill COVID patients: Canadian researchers
National Post
“The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute has completed a phase one safety trial of the cells on 11 patients, showing the treatment was well tolerated. “The results are encouraging, they definitely support moving forward into a larger randomized trial,” said Dr. Duncan Stewart…”
TAGS: COVID-19, stem cells, therapeutics, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

How a Canadian device aims to help COVID-19 patients breathe with ease
CBC News
“As vaccination continues, some patients with COVID-19 are still in intensive care units fighting for their lives under respiratory distress. A Canadian project wants to change that…”
TAGS: COVID-19, medical device, Hamilton Health Sciences

Researchers awarded close to $1 million in grants from Nova Scotia Health
The Chronicle Herald
“The money comes from the Nova Scotia Health Research Fund, which provides new researchers with access to their first project funding and supports …”
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