Daily Media Digest March 31, 2022

Medical professionals’ discomfort with digital tech is stumbling block to spread of AI in health care, say experts
The Hill Times
“A culture that divides the IT and medical aspects of health care is a stumbling block to the spread of AI in the medical sector, according to Dr. Ross Mitchell.”
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Bridging the gap between laboratory bench and hospital bedside
The Hill Times
“Canada stands to benefit from an integrated therapeutic pipeline approach to investments that combines expertise, skills training, biomanufacturing know-how, and private sector partnerships to deliver on the shared priority.”
TAGS: biomanufacturing, healthcare, innovative research

New brain sciences centre at Sunnybrook hospital aims to accelerate research
The Star
“A new facility that is currently under construction at Sunnybrook and is expected to be completed late next year aims to address the upswing in demand for brain health services while offering an integrated approach to brain health.”
TAGS: mental health, brain sciences, innovative research, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

What Might I Expect? Osteoporosis ‘pediatric disease with geriatric consequences’
The Kingston Whig Standard
““At least one in three women and one in five men will suffer from an osteoporotic fracture during their lifetime,” Osteoporosis Canada stated.”
TAGS: pediatric disease, osteoporosis, aging, Osteoporosis Canada

Keep wearing your mask even after mandates drop, says public health research group | CBC News
“… to follow the public and be popular,” said CoVaRR-Net member Cheryl Camillo, a professor of public health policy at the University of Regina.”
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