Daily Media Digest March 9, 2021

COMMENTARY: Scientists must keep their work front and centre — even after the pandemic
“… workers at the University Health Network (UHN), that delve into how they’ve survived the pandemic as people, parents, and professionals.”
TAGS: innovative research, funding, primary research, pandemic, University Health Network

Which COVID-19 vaccine is best? Experts say it’s the first one that’s offered to you
“… as more people get their shots, said Dr. Bradly Wouters, executive vice president of science at research at the University Health Network in Toronto.”
TAGS: vaccine, herd immunity, innovative research, infectious disease, COVID-19, University Health Network

Calgarians can now follow the flush to track the spread of COVID-19
Calgary Herald
“And that data is now available online due to a partnership between the University of Calgary, the city and Alberta Health Services. “Wastewater data is …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, wastewater tracking, University of Calgary, Alberta Health Services

McMaster experts helping support federal, provincial COVID–19 response
McMaster University
“From assisting the Public Health Agency of Canada better understand the spread of COVID variants of concern to making recommendations to help inform Ontario’s vaccine rollout, learn more about some of the many ways McMaster experts are leading the way locally, provincially and nationally…”
TAGS: COVID-19, response, variants, pandemic, public health, McMaster University

Women lead on COVID-19 research
UBC News
“From vaccine development to building wearable infection detectors, women at UBC are making significant contributions to the COVID-19 research …”
TAGS: COVID-19, innovative research, women in STEM

U of T researchers receive more than $15 million for infrastructure to study brain inflammation …
“… 30 scientists and clinicians at six Toronto hospitals: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, University Health Network, the Hospital for Sick Children, …”
TAGS: brain inflammation, funding, innovative research, University Health Network, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Hospital for Sick Children

Princess Margaret researchers are using space technology to help palliative care patients
“In what may be a world-first, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre radiation oncologists, Drs. Philip Wong and Aisling Barry, are testing new technologies used by Canadian and American space agencies to evaluate quality of life, treatment response and estimation of life span in palliative patients.”
TAGS: palliative care, medical technology, cancer, quality of life, University Health Network