Daily Media Digest May 13, 2020

Global clinical trial to test blood thinner on COVID-19 patients led by UM and UHN

UM Today (press release)
“The University of Manitoba and the University Health Network are working together to make this large international trial a reality. Dr. Zarychanski has …”
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Smokers more likely to develop severe COVID-19 complications: study
CTV News
“What life is like in Nunavut, the only coronavirus-free place in Canada … The study added that previous research into other respiratory illnesses … they said their results held important implications for health-care workers. … A medical staffer writes a note to communicate with a patient he is tending to, …”
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40 projects receive funding from Nova Scotia COVID‑19 Health Research Coalition
Dal News
“40 projects receive funding from Nova Scotia COVID‑19 Health Research Coalition. Michele Charlton – May 12 … IWK Health Centre • IWK Foundation”
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One of Canada’s vaccine hopefuls has shown promise in ferrets – so now what?
“He oversees VIDO-InterVac’s research team, made up of about 160 scientists. “We know that the vaccine in principle is working. Now the question is, are…”
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Sask. scientists exploring plant-based tech in quest for COVID-19 vaccine
“He then reached out to VIDO-InterVac. “The rest is history, as they say, or the beginning of history,” Zettl said. Enough of the protein identified by VIDO- …”
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COVID-19: How medical experts are deciding which treatments should be used
“Dr. Andrew Morris, an infectious disease specialist at the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, says even the most …”
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