Daily Media Digest May 2, 2022

Just going ‘gluten free’? Why you should stop.
HRI Portal
“What if we told you could have an underlying lifelong autoimmune disease? Could it be celiac? Celiac disease is a genetic autoimmune condition where your body sees gluten as an invader and your body’s immune system fights back to destroy the gluten protein which is found in ingredients with wheat, barley or rye.”
TAGS: celiac disease, autoimmune disease, immune system, Canadian Celiac Association

Virtual Patient Journey Conference: Our Voices, Our Stories will be held June 9 and 10
Lakehead University
“Lakehead University’s School of Nursing and School of Social Work, in collaboration with Wounds Canada, will be hosting the first virtual Patient Journey Conference on Thursday, June 9 and Friday, June 10.”
TAGS: patient care, nursing, Lakehead University

How to get the jump on mental health issues, and dementia | TheSpec.com
Hamilton Spectator
“Dr. Jennifer Heisz, director of the Neurofit Lab at McMaster University offers a practical explanation on how to overcome the brain’s biological …”
TAGS: mental health, dementia, aging population, McMaster University

Fear of COVID fading, but anxiety remaining, UW researcher says | TheRecord.com
Waterloo Region Record
“… spent the past year studying the mental health effects of COVID-19 as part of a research internship with Mental Health Research Canada (MHRC).”
TAGS: COVID-19, pandemic, anxiety, mental health, University of Waterloo

Canada’s cancer rates are declining — but advocates want more support amid COVID-19 – National
Global News
“The study was done by the Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada. Overall, lung cancer is expected to …”
TAGS: cancer, public health, COVID-19, Canadian Cancer Society