Daily Media Digest May 30, 2022

Study shows fewer higher-dose radiation treatments safe and well tolerated by women with uterine cancer
Hospital News
“’This study represents a novel way of treating uterine cancer in a shorter time…’ said Dr. David D’Souza, radiation oncologist at LHSC and the study co-lead through Lawson Health Research Institute.”
TAGS: uterine cancer, radiation, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Lawson Health Research Institute

HIV vaccine researchers using Canadian Light Source at USask uncover problematic protein
Global News
“… the Canadian Light Source (CLS) at the University of Saskatchewan to analyze outer proteins on the virus en route to developing a vaccine.”
TAGS: HIV, Canadian Light Source. Sunnybrook Health Centre, University of Saskatchewan

Using mobile apps to help clients experiencing problematic smartphone use or gambling disorder

“A mobile app created by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) researchers for treatment planning and relapse prevention for problem gambling…”
TAGS: addiction, gambling disorder, mobile apps, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Glycomics is writing the next chapter in bioinnovation

“In BIOTECanada’s Insights Magazine, GlycoNet Scientific Director Warren Wakarchuk writes about the importance of glycomics, opportunities to leverage glycomics, and Canadian glycomics expertise.”
TAGS: glycomics, antimicrobial resistance, Canadian research, GlycoNet

A prestigious grant from the Alzheimer Society of Canada for Nayoung Yi

“Dr Hideto Takahashi’s lab, Ms. Nayoung Yi, has succeeded after a very competitive process among the bests in being awarded a PhD scholarship from Alzheimer Society of Canada for her important work on Alzheimer’s disease as the top-ranked applicant.”
TAGS: Alzheimer’s disease, innovative research, Parkinson’s disease, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal

B.C. company opens Canada’s largest licensed psychedelic mushroom growing facility | CBC News

“B.C.-based company Optimi Health has harvested its first cultivation of … mushrooms as well as a research exemption to extract the psychedelic …”
TAGS: psilocybin mushrooms, Health Canada, depression and anxiety