Daily Media Digest May 5, 2021

Yes, in rare cases, you can get sick with COVID-19 after your first shot, Ontario doctors say
Newstalk 1010 (iHeartRadio)
“Infectious diseases specialist with University Health Network Dr. Isaac Bogoch says it’s important Canadians know there is at least some layer of …”
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Strategies for coping on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic
“In these difficult times, Dr. Zaretsky recommends that health-care workers focus on looking after their own wellness including talking to other people in your social support system and reaching out to them in various ways.”
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Mothers experiencing significant increase in depression and anxiety due to pandemic
Your IWK
“Mothers are experiencing a significant increase in depression and anxiety symptoms since the beginning of the pandemic. This has been especially true in mothers who have had disruptions in employment or income, had struggles balancing homeschooling and working from home, and had difficulty accessing childcare.”
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An Eye for Innovative Treatments
Research at UHN
“Corneal conditions, such as irregularly shaped corneas and corneal degeneration, are a leading cause of eye disease and vision loss. These conditions cause eye discomfort and impaired vision, and are commonly treated with artificial tears, anti-inflammatory drugs and specialized contact lenses. Patients with severe conditions that do not respond to traditional treatments have recently benefitted from a new therapy called PROSE—Prosthetic Replacement of the Ocular Surface Ecosystem.”
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Triple combination therapy shows promise against rare, deadly asbestos cancer
“Researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have found combining immune-boosting drugs with radiation and surgery increased the survival and anticancer immune response of preclinical models with mesothelioma, an aggressive and recurring cancer with an extremely poor prognosis for most patients.”
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‘Really incredible’: Islander living with Type 1 diabetes excited to give blood for the first time
“Canadians living with Type 1 diabetes are now eligible to give blood — and for one Islander, the news has led to a thrilling first. The change was …”
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