Daily Media Digest May 6, 2019

“Dr. Andrew Pipe, from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, recently spoke at a cardiovascular conference in Sudbury. He says it’s important to …”
TAGS: heart disease, stroke, prevention, smoking


“”If there’s an outbreak, you can check your system to see who are the high priority people that haven’t got vaccine yet,” said Langley, the head of pediatric infectious diseases at the IWK Health Centre…”
TAGS: digital health, vaccination, infectious diseases


CTV News
“A Calgary-based study looking at the connection between indoor tanning and skin cancer has made some interesting findings …”
TAGS: tanning, skin cancer


The London Free Press
“There’s a “huge” difference between pediatric diabetes care and the adult system, Clarson said. In many cases, an endocrinologist — a doctor who …”
TAGS: diabetes, teenagers, young adults


The Hill Times
“Turning what we heard into meaningful programs to realize a shared vision for research and research infrastructure in Canada is the work that now …”
TAGS: research, collaboration, Roseann O’Reilly Runte


“The numbers of sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis and gonorrhea continue to rise at “alarming rates” in Alberta, health officials say.”
TAGS: syphilis, gonorrhea, Alberta


The Hill Times
“With increased diversity, equity, and inclusion, Canadian research improves, says Science Minister Kirsty Duncan. In a wide-ranging May 3 phone …”
TAGS: equity, science, research, Kirsty Duncan


“As a radiologist, Dr. David Koff sees the horrible damage a bullet can do to a person’s body when he examines x-rays. Sometimes they are forensic …”
TAGS: gun laws, public health, health professionals